Infection Control/Preventionist

Infection Control/Preventionist

Job Duties
Oversees Covid testing in accordance with State and Federal guidelines.

Conducts rounds, discusses and monitors infection prevention practices with staff members.

Collects infection data from departments, maintains records for each case of healthcare-associated infection, conducts outbreak investigation, trains staff members on the implementation of infection prevention.

Plan, develop, direct, evaluate, and coordinate educational and on-the-job training programs.

Incorporate commercially produced instruction material and training aids into existing in-service programs as deemed necessary.

Embrace Consulate Health Care’s five core values of compassion, honesty, integrity, respect, and passion, and incorporate them into the daily job function.

Demonstrate respect and compassion in every interaction.

Conduct oneself with the highest degree of honesty and integrity in every interaction.

Demonstrate a passion for caring as evidenced by interactions with co-workers, residents, families, and visitors.

May be trained and assigned to perform the Customer Care Liaison duties as needed.

Perform other duties, as assigned.

•Must possess a current, unencumbered, active RN or LPN license to practice as a nurse.
•Must have, as a minimum, two (2) years experience in a nursing care facility.
•Must possess skills in leadership and communication.
•Must possess creativity, integrity, and initiative.
•Must be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language.
•Must be knowledgeable of nursing and medical practices and procedures, as well as laws, regulations, and guidelines that pertain to nursing care facilities.
•Must possess the ability to plan, organize, develop, implement, and interpret the programs, goals, objectives, policies, and procedures, etc., that are necessary for providing quality care.

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